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Win-Win Collaboration

JCET has a diversified workforce that brings a rich cultural element to the company’s development. We have a united team that is dedicated to a common goal and a shared vision. We believe with our global and local partnerships, we will create outstanding value for our customers and society.

Keeping Our Commitments

JCET is a company that keep its commitments. The foundation of our development is based on the commitment to our customers and partners to continuously improve ourselves and deliver the best results. We are also committed to protect and contribute to the environment in which we operate.

Respecting Talent

JCET values employees’ capabilities, especially the training and development of the next generation. We believe they are the future of the company and we have created a great place for talent from around the world to excel and reach their fullest potential.

Taking Responsibility

JCET employees face adversities with courage and overcome the challenges to strive for victory. We actively promote corporate social responsibility, uphold our obligations in pursuit of industrial society’s sustainable development, and constantly strive to maintain the company's code of conduct to improve governance and to lay a solid foundation for JCET to become a good corporate citizen.

Our Vision

To be a world-class integrated circuit manufacturing and technology service company by returning value to our shareholders, customers, employees and society.

Our Values

Customer Focused   Respect and Diversity   Initiatives and Integrity   Alignment and Synergy

Customer Focused

Customers are our main focus. Our products, technologies and services are driven by the needs of our customers and the markets we serve. Together with our customers, we want to transform people's lives with innovations and technology in the world of semiconductors.

Respect and Diversity

We treat every individual with respect and earn respect through our actions. We are respected for what we do, not just who we are. We value diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment that embraces differences in culture, status, background and beliefs.

Initiatives and Integrity

We are driven in our pursuit of progress and innovation to provide customers around the world with pioneering products and technologies. We strive to be objective in our approach, and honest and truthful in our actions. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in order to fulfill our responsibilities and obligations to our customers, employees and the entire community.

Alignment and Synergy

The goal of our efforts should not be simply to achieve our own personal performance results ,or to boast about our personal success, but to work for the success and growth of our team and colleagues. When the team grows, the company will definitely grow, and the results of individual efforts will eventually recognized.